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Monday, February 8, 2010

Udi's Gluten Free Bread Review


I am canceling my bread mix subscription through Amazon. My beloved Breadman Pro will now deliver scrumptious pumpkin breads and blueberry strewn loafs instead of thick, rustic sandwich slices. This review is either going to be short and sweet or a horrible mess of rambling because, really, how many ways can I say that Udi's Gluten Free Bread is kick-ass, life altering, and so stunningly far outside of my previous realm of Gluten Free possibility that I would really rather be eating it than crafting this review?

Okay, life altering? Maybe not. Tear inducing? I hope not, but do whatever moves you. My personal expression of choice was an impromptu dance of joy - greatly enjoyed by my coworkers. I'd heard a lot of chatter about Udi's on the twitter-verse but didn't really invest too much thought. I've tried pre-packaged Gluten Free breads. You know the ones I'm talking about, those blocks they shove in the bottom of the freezer section to hold the shelves up. They've left me hungry, grossed out, annoyed and wholly unimpressed. And then Alex pointed out the Udi's products in the freezer section. And we decided to get a package of the White Sandwhich Bread.

And sweet, sweet delight.

Unbelievably soft, perfect warmth-kissed crust, emitting the faint aroma of artisian bread, yes, that's right. This is bread. And the flavor! Each bite dances on your tastebuds somewhere between noble Sourdough and traditional French. This is a bread that compliments the sandwhich without staunch competition due to unweildy size or rustic flavors and textures. Udi's is a perfect palette, a new standard in the illusive Gluten Free Sandwich. I only got to take a few photos of the loaf because Alex snuck over to my setup and stole slices for his lunch. And then he made me a grilled Daiya Cheese and Udi's Bread sandwhich so I forgave him. I can't say it enough: Udi's is perfect.

Which really makes me wonder, why can't other bread companies do so well? What does Udi's bread making process contain that is so miraculous? Perhaps they've put years into trial and error. Maybe they're aliens, the same ones who built the pyramids. Who knows? It's really not important - the point is: Gluten. Free. Bread. Has. Arrived.

This is the only part of the review you really need to read: buy Udi's bread. Eat it. Dance with joy. This bread is miraculous. You know that story about manna? Raining down from the sky? It was Udi's White Sandwich Bread. True story.

But seriously folks. This is the best, most amazing, most delicious, most dollar-worthy Gluten Free food I have ever eaten. Children will squeal with delight as PB&J graces their lunchboxes again, lunchtime will be reintroduced into the GF College Student's diet, the GF working world will greet the sandwich as a long lost friend. And me? I will purchase Udi's products, open their packages with glee, breathe deeply and be utterly thankful for the good, simple things in life that we are getting back.

Check out Udi's Gluten Free Online Store if you can't find their products in the frozen section of your local Whole Foods. Or ask your customer service counter to stock up! Udi's doesn't just stop at sandwich bread - I can't wait to try their muffins and pizza crust!

Bites of Note: This is wonderfully low maintenance. Here is how I enjoyed my bread: I kept it frozen. When I wanted to eat, I took the slices out and put them on a plate where they quickly defrosted without getting soggy or hard. It was very natural. If I want a sandwich for lunch at work I wrap up two frozen slices in tin foil and let them sit on my desk until I'm ready to eat. Then I simply make the sandwich and enjoy.


  1. You are SO right! I ran out and bought this tonight and it's BREAD! Real bread!


  2. Hmm...I need to go find Udi's.

  3. Glad you liked it Anon! Happy dances all around.

    Iris - I hope you love it as much as I do!

  4. I recently ordered some of the blueberry muffins online... they are amazing!

  5. I absolutely agree with your review.

    I just found a loaf of Udi's "whole grain bread" at our local GF market. Took it home, toasted a slice and - WOW!

    This is the first GF bread, home made or store brought, that I actively like. I think I like it as much as some of my favorite gluten breads.

    Texture of the "whole grain" loaf seems the same as what you described.

    I haven't tried it straight yet because I really like toasted bread in general, even before I had to go GF. I'll have to try a sandwich at some point, but I don't think this loaf is going to survive long enough :-) I've only been home an hour and the loaf is 1/3rd gone ...

  6. Anon - I just got the blueberry muffins - Good God - breakfast will never be the same!

    Hey Peter! "WOW!" is my sentiment exactly. I haven't tried the whole grain yet because I've been a little tired of the 'rustic style' forced on us by most GF bread mixes, but I'm sure Udi's will be amazing! I hope you like it untoasted, I think it really shines either way. Happy sandwiching!

  7. Great review! I can actually keep this bread out in my bread box like regular bread for about 4-5 days before it starts to dry. Where I buy it here in Atlanta - they told me it actually drys out more when refrigerated. So, I keep the loaves in the fridge and then take out one when we are about out and it is defrosted by morning. LOVE THIS BREAD! I actually started buying the whole grain loaf - it is actually softer than the white! My granddaughter can finally have a sandwich at lunch with her friends that looks normal. I too put away my BREADMAN!

  8. Udi's is the best! I'm feel super-lucky that they're a local company (they're out of Denver, and I'm in Boulder... just a few miles away), so all of the stores in town carry their breads fresh. Plus they have a booth at the farmer's market! I can't wait to try the muffins... I've had my eye on them for quite some time.

  9. Hey Anon! I think Udi's is so fabulous that it's hard to go wrong with storage! Finally, non-finicky GF bread! Thanks for coming by :)

    Hi TMB - that IS lucky! It's pretty readily available here in Santa Monica - the muffins are AMAZING.

  10. I recently threw away all of my favorite GF breads because I am now hooked on Udi's. I can almost cry just thinking about how excited I am to eat a normal GREAT tasting bread (and sandwiches again for the first time in 7 years without the bread falling apart in my hands or being too dense to even taste what is on the bread). This is seriously amazing and I agree with all of your positive reviews of this bread. Hello and welcome to GF heaven!! :)


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