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who are you? 

I'm Jessica, a writer, photographer and generally creative (read: introverted) newly transplanted Los Angelino who also happens to be a Gluten Free-ite. I am a bacon lover, a cook by necessity, a squirrel fiend and an ex-mormon. (I can tell that last one really reeled you in, oh the stories to share. No, I'm aware Dooce has the edge on post religious fervor, there's plenty to go around.) My boyfriend Alex and I are also part of that uprising young Celiac horde who were born at about the right time to fall into post-diagnosis before the collective midlife crisis hit so, lucky for us, there's still more insanity to come.

what makes your blog different from all those other Gluten Free blogs?

In a word? Kickass-ness. In addition, I've tried to make my blog deliver what I used to look for in other blogs. This blog is first and foremost designed as a resource for young Celiacs trying to hammer down the hills of life while struggling to eat. As a quick guide, there will be posts that apply to every station of life so don't despair; you accountants, cat lovers and grandmas are all welcome.  Let's get down to reality here people:

  • Most people don't like to cook, let alone tackle Gluten Free cuisine which has been hyped up to be the unattainable grail of the post-TV dinner mob.
  • Not everyone who is struggling with Gluten Free living has kids. What about the starving college kids? Who's looking out for the scrawny bachelors? Where is the prom queen's piece of the Gluten Free pie?
  • There are a lot of really excellent products teeming up at the grocery store that you might not even know about because a lot of people are just too afraid to try things. And you know what that means? That means I might be the only person buying them and pretty soon they're going to get hip to that jive and take them off the shelves because they're not turning a profit. And I just can't have that. I need my breadcrumbs, dammit.

so what are you going to do about it?

I'm going to lay down some Chops. Since my last (delicious) chicken salad (giant) sandwich in July of 2007 (and the ensuing kill-me-fucking-now pain) I've been through the mill of Gluten Free Living - I've listened to a lot of talented people and learned from some kind souls, gained some knowledge you could say (henceforth known as 'chops') in the GF arena. Basically, I'm a trier - I want to know what's out there and if it's yummy/fun/squishy/ohmygod get it out of my mouth now. I transitioned to Gluten Free fiefdom while in college and, let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've carried the contents of a kitchen through a dorm to the community kitchen 5 times a week. Here's the plan:

  • Since the purpose of this blog is to eat Gluten Free and get on with your life I like to pursue a lot of activities other than blogging. Ideally, the week will present me with an opportunity to offer up reviews of food products, cooking tools and restaurants (all eaten, used and visited entirely by me and definitely not given to me by companies bribing me to spout lies about how tasty their week-old boxer smelling mac and chreese is)
    I'll be laying down some smooth tips. These ideas for eating gluten free and getting on with your life will highlight the college years, on the go lifestyles, a smattering GF kid's tips (maybe) and developments for general Celiac health. This will be the bread and butter of the blog, aside from my witty banter, of course.
  • Due to the fact that we should all be rushing to the door in a wholehearted effort to get, what the kids call, 'crunked', Friday (or whatever other day I happen to have time/willpower/sobriety) will feature the 'super quick thing to cook up because I just don't give a hot damn' posts. Anticipate Gluten Free Recipes and meal inspiration (which really means "hey, that's not really a recipe and it would be a crock to call it such - so let's call it "inspirational).

where is that fine print i love so much?

: Here's the nitty gritty folks: I'm not a doctor, I'm not a scientist, I've got a liberal arts degree in communications which qualifies me to be A. eccentric and B. frequently Kooky. In short, none of the content here is meant to be taken as any kind of official diagnosis, medical advise or anything other than the opinion of, well, me. Be smart, listen to your body, make informed decisions.

Non-legal Related Disclaimer :

  • I reserve the right to occasionally post things NOT related to Gluten Free Food, Gluten Free Living, Celiac Disease, Gluten Free Tips or anything related to these topics. Frankly, I get tired of talking about food. Someday, if you're lucky, when you're no longer struggling to eat, you will get sick of talking about food too.
  • I may get tired of the labels I have assigned to my weekly posts and may change them at any time. Also, some Friday may strike when I don't feel like posting a recipe. Deal.
  • I could add to this and any other section at any time. Just to keep your on your toes.

    Now that you've oriented yourself with the welcome nook you can sneak some searches or hunker down for the long haul with the rest of us. As always, link love is appreciated and reciprocated. Feel free to suggest topics you'd like to hear about, particularly my young readers. Above all remember: I generally encourage you to be a rambunctious readership, so live it up.
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