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Monday, December 28, 2009

San-J Gluten Free Tamari Soy Sauce Review

San-J Gluten Free Soy Sauce

There are those who say beer just isn't beer without the barley. There's also a contingent out there who will profess up and down, I'm sure, that authentic soy sauce is only made with soybeans, wheat and salt. And what do we say about Those People? Dude, some poor schmucks just don't have any imagination. San-J Gluten Free Soy Sauce has become one of my absolute-must have-get the bigger bottle because I'll be chugging it down Gluten Free items which have taken up residency in my cabinet. And who can blame me? Noodles have never had a better mate. Gluten Free noodles, that is.

I was never much of a soy sauce enthusiast. Those little clear packets with the happy panda bear? The ones filled with black liquid lurking around the bottom of the chinese take-out bag? Not for me. The sharp taste would fill my mouth and shock my taste buds. Why mess with that Lo Mein perfection?

A lot of things change when your diet takes a head-long turn towards "you don't eat what now?" Bread starts to smell funny - like it's way too sweet. The cheese aisle stinks to high heaven like mold...which, come to think of it...

And now I can't get enough of Gluten Free soy sauce. I splash it on chicken. I stir it through noodles. Midday I throw on some rice, turn up my nose to the salt and reach for the bottle of GF soy sauce. Smooth, oh so smooth, velvety almost as it coats firm little broccoli spears and glistens around the carrot shavings. With a firm yet complimentary taste, I've found this GF sauce to highlight the flavors in your dish rather than mask or overwhelm them. Versitile and delectable, I would definitely pick up the large bottle. Tamari Soy Sauce, Wheat Free, Organic, 10 oz.

Bites of Note:

  • There are actually two versions of this Gluten Free Soy Sauce - the 'regular' and the reduced sodium. Strange though it may seem I actually prefer the reduced sodium. The flavor is more complex, it blends and enhances flavors in a more complementary way and the viscosity is a little more pleasant. I may be splitting hairs but hey, people like to throw around the word 'reduced' when it comes to descriptions of their food, right?
  • The bottle says to refrigerate - which I did not do for the first year I consumed this product. I am not and have not been afflicted with some horrific ailment due to non-refrigeration of the GF soy sauce. But if you think to do it I guess you should probably just stick it in the fridge. 

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  1. You make want to risk soy again. The words velvet and glisten conjure so many little jewels of gluten-free stir-fry goodness.

  2. Nice review! This stuff is a staple in any gluten-free pantry, definitely. Have you tried their other gluten-free sauces?


  3. I was never a big fan of Soy Sauce before going gluten free. Perhaps I should give the stuff a try now! Beautiful photograph.

  4. Hey Karina! No Goddesses may be harmed in the aftermath of this post!

    Hi Sea, thanks! I'm looking forward to trying the rest of their line...especially the sweet and tangy sauce. Haven't come across them in the store so I'll have to order them.

    Rach - Same here, this soy sauce seems a lot less...astringent? Worth a try :)

  5. Yep, San-J's the best! I always refrigerate mine, but it's what my parents bought growing up and they never kept it in the fridge.


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