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Monday, December 21, 2009

Mama K's Gluten Free Play Clay

I was a Play Doh fiend as a child. A whif of that salty charge would combust with my mind's eye and I'd instantly be wheeling off into a land in which the handle nooks on my Play Skool table were ovens waiting for trays of blue pizzas. Detailed, I know. I was an only child. We weren't aware of the havoc Gluten was wreaking at that time so we never hunted around for Gluten Free play dough. Luckily I wasn't into ingesting it. Except that one time...

Mama K's Gluten Free Aromatic Play Clay

A couple weeks (at least) after I've given up my days as a sham pastry chef I am still in need of some pliable stress relief. Like now. As my upstairs neighbors practice their rendition of Riverdance.

No really, what could they possibly be doing up there?

In any case, this is really play dough for a new, much more advanced age - not only is it gluten free play dough which is, obviously, totally necessary but it offers some rad olfactory trips. Rejuvenate with some lemongrass, brush off some finals stress by squeezing the crap out of the Lavender ooze or throw a hunk of chamomile at the kids. Maybe it will knock them out. The scent of the chamomile, that is. You can hope, right?

I'm sure we could find a recipe for gluten free play dough on the great wide interwebz but - really - are you going to spend your carefully horded free time whipping up some wheat free dough you can't even eat? I didn't think so.

I'm pretty sure a package of these will be heading toward my sister in the not too distant future. At 22 years I win the 'blogger with the greatest age gap between siblings' award. With a wizened lifetime of 1 year and four months Lily will have to wait until every inanimate object isn't magnetically drawn to her mouth. So she'll get it in about 22 years.


  1. Wow, it's play dough for gluten-free grown-ups. :)

    Believe it or not, I make play dough for my little celiac just about every other month. I'm not sure what the kid does with it, but it manages to disappear awfully quickly around here.

    In fact, his wonderful preschool replaced all of his classroom's play dough with (homemade) gluten-free dough!

    That reminds me, I should take pictures and post the recipe next time I have to fix another batch.

  2. Haha, one day you'll find it all shoved into some random, out of the way area of your house - maybe behind the water heater? :)

    Major props to you for taking the time to concoct your own - I'm sure he appreciates it. And your son's preschool! Very cool, I love hearing success stories like that.


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